Sharing business information directly to customers via SMS is an effective way of communication. It's an easy and proven promotional method that ensures that the right information reaches the customers accurately and completely. However, there are strict governing guidelines that decide what comes under spam messages and what’s not.

So, if you want to utilize bulk SMS (Short Message Service) marketing method for communicating and promoting your business to potential customers, then you need to handle it very carefully.

Why SMS Marketing?

Coder Folks is a cheaper and ideal way to keep your customers up-to-date with the latest business information than other marketing alternatives. For example, if a doctor needs to share an appointment reminder to the patient, texting the patient about the same is much more comfortable and efficient than to have an assistant doing it by making a phone call to each patient.

Higher Success Rate

Text messaging is a successful way to promote your message to a vast customer base. It assures that the recipient receives your message as a statistic says that about 83% of users open SMS within 90 seconds of receiving it. Since a large volume of the population owns a mobile device, SMS marketing has become a proven way to reach the global audience.


Right Promotional Approach

Retail businesses can use on-demand discount coupons to attract customers and drive sales. In-store- on-demand discount coupons record a redemption rate of nearly 80% to 90%. Text marketing is found to have a positive impact on brand awareness, which is quite an important reason why your business must use bulk SMS system for promotional and non-commercial purposes.

Agreeable Marketing Strategy

Customers often prefer receiving loyalty-related text messages via SMS. It’s a non-annoying way to reach out to the audience in comparison to other marketing methods such as Tele-calling. Making a call to the customer at the wrong time may create a negative impression of the brand on the customers.

Improves Customer Loyalty

Sending regular messages to the customers will keep them interested in your brand. Bulk SMS sending is a perfect way to keep the customers informed about all business-critical information such as the latest offers, seasonal discounts, festive deals, promotional schemes, etc. Moreover, you can share transactional messages, OTP, promotional coupons, and loyalty codes to the customers. More informed the customers are, the more loyal they would be towards the business.

Not to mention, SMS marketing is the most affordable way to spread words about your business. It’s an appropriate marketing method for all sizes of companies, including startups, SMBs, large organizations, or multi-national corporations.

Bulk SMS services come with numerous advantages, and businesses in all different verticals can reap these benefits at relatively low rates. Bulk SMS service provider in Hyderabad offers affordable packages to help enterprises to promote their message to their audience effectively and efficiently.

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