If you want your website to exude a simple presentation about your company’s basic services and contacts, then a Static website is what you need. Static websites can present an ordinary portfolio of your company Profile without much exuberance and special effects as involved in a Dynamic website. It does your work with its minimalist features and an unambiguous approach to your business dealings. An upfront appearance makes your client to get straight to the point of your services. Unlike the scores of features in a Dynamic website which tends to be slightly interfering, a static website is not demanding and downright in its style.

A simple static website designing can be fruitful if your preference meets the following essentials: 
1) If you are not planning to update your website too frequently
 2)If you want your website to act like a simple online portfolio about your website services without any flash elements or miscellaneous pages like blogs, press releases, etc
 3)If you are looking for a simple technology and a cost effective solution.
The common advantages of using a Static Website Designing are:
Fast developing time
 2)Highly Economical
 3)Easy to interpret and comprehend about the business products/services
 3)Simple Technology with much Flamboyance as involved in glaring Flashy websites. At Coder Folks, we understand your business requirements and the Technology support that is necessary to give a proper online presence to your business. We commit our services with a great affordability and a faster delivery.

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